Thanksgiving I

During this week of Thanksgiving, I would like to share a list compiled by Doug Tallamy of the best native trees and shrubs in the Mid-Atlantic area for supporting butterflies and moths (Bringing Nature Home, 2007). I am thankful that I have 11 of these species on my little piece of land.

Common Name Genus Number of
Oak Quercus 534
Black Cherry Prunus 456
Willow Salix 455
Birch Betula 413
Poplar Populus 368
Crabapple Malus 311
Blueberry Vaccinium 288
Maple Acer 285
Elm Ulmus 213
Pine Pinus 203
Hickory Carya 200
Hawthorn Crataegus 159
Spruce Picea 156
Alder Alnus 156
Basswood Tilia 150
Ash Fraxinus 150
Rose Rosa 139
Filbert Corylus 131
Walnut Juglans 130
Beech Fagus 126
Chestnut Castanea 125


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving I”

  1. I had only four originally, although more live in the area. The redwoods do not share their space in the lower half very well, but the upper few acres are oak woodland.


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