3 thoughts on “Imagination”

  1. That is so cool. One of my more unpleasant assignments was to inspect a Monterey pine at my old kindergarten. The school is now a snooty private school, with modern facilities retrofitted into the old buildings. The tree was in the very corner of the school yard, and happened to be the very first Monterey pine I had ever met. My objective was to compose a report to condemn the tree so that a permit for removal could be issued. The tree was disliked only because it did not conform to the uniform row of redwoods planted on the fenceline. I could understand their desire for conformity. Nonetheless, it was a pleasure to inform them that I could find nothing wrong with the tree, and that it was contrarily in exemplary condition (which was more than I expected). They could not get a permit for removal of the tree that was in their way.


      1. Yes, of course! It is a big part of my work. Other arborists do not like to write the reports that are needed to procure permits. No permits are needed in my neighborhood because I am not within the town limits. Some towns do not have tree preservation ordinances. However, there are a few riparian zones and coastal zones where trees are protected.

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