Get Outside

Reconnecting our children with nature in their everyday lives is the first step in an environmental education. That means getting children outside into the world to experience it first-hand, rather than through TVs, computers or on YouTube. I’m not saying that there isn’t a place for technology to help us understand the world. …But as fascinating as it is, nothing can replace the real experiences we have outdoors, peering through a telescope into the night sky. Or digging in a garden. Or exploring a swamp, a forest or a tide pool. … We have to get our kids outside more to play and explore the wonders of nature, so that they will come to understand it better. This isn’t just up to kids or teachers. It’s up to parents. It’s up to school boards. It’s up to all of us to ensure that we’re not telling our children one thing and doing another. Anything else and we’re not just lying to them. We’re lying to ourselves.

David Suzuki

3 thoughts on “Get Outside”

  1. Impressive, David. A great resource. Thanks again for putting all this together and sharing it. I know I will use it and enjoy it.


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